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June 24, 2021

Newport Beach, CA, June 24, 2021 - Bitech Mining Corporation (Bitech), a revolutionary renewable energy technology solution provider for crypto mining industry, today announced Mr. Jawad “Eli” Ansari, principal of Basestones Capital Limited joining its Advisory Board to help expand its business with worldwide crypto mining companies and participate in the capital market strategy of Bitech.

Mr. Ansari is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur with extensive experience in technology industry (Blockchain, Big Data, SaaS and Artificial Intelligence) as an operator, investment banker and venture capitalist.

He has originated and managed transactions from inception to completion, including crafting compelling investment theses and assembling marketing materials to convey these financial narratives, identifying investors (buyers), managing the due diligence process and negotiating the transactions, while addressing FINRA/SEC regulatory reporting. As an experienced operator, Mr. Ansari has achieved Go-To-Market (GTM) business transformations with double digit growth, forged new strategic partnerships and alliances, and service offerings. He is an acknowledged thought leader in Blockchain, Digital Financing and Digital Securities Offerings; sought after keynote speaker/panel participant at many key industry conferences and interviewed and quoted in Forbes. He is also co-founder and former CEO and VP of Business Development for multiple technology ventures utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to solve real world problems in financial services, legal and healthcare industries. During his investment career, Mr. Ansari recommended investments in 37 startups (as VC), including ProofPoint (Nasdaq: PFPT), A10 (Nasdaq: ATEN), Tzero (acquired by MicroChip), VivoTech (acquired by Sequent Software), Vivosoft (acquired by Yahoo), Mobile Automation (acquired by iPass) and Pixim (acquired by Sony). He is Ernst & Young alumnus with active CPA (California) and FINRA Series 7, 24, 63 and 65 licenses.

“This technology is so amazing, guys. Congratulations!” commented Mr. Eli Ansari, Bitech Mining advisory member upon performing an on-site due diligence on Tesdison technology. “I am very happy to be your new advisory partner to assist your management team with introductions to potential customers and strategic partners globally, including institutional investors and market makers upon the company being public.”

“I welcome Eli to join us to build a better future together for all of our shareholders at this early stage. I believe in a serendipity among us working together to enlighten the world with a revolutionary renewable energy technology and our upcoming in-house integrated solutions that will forever change the future of crypto mining sector and many other industries,” said Dr. Benjamin Tran, Bitech Mining Chairman. “The world has been waiting for this game changer technology; and Bitech has a very big mission to change the future of many other renewable initiatives in several countries as well.”

About Bitech Mining

Bitech Mining Corporation is a global technology solutions provider dedicated to integrating a self-charging battery technology to the crypto mining industry to resolve the exorbitant high cost of electricity. Through our licensed patented revolutionary Tesdison technology solution, Bitech in conjunction with our team of engineering experts and international business developers, seeks crypto mining partners with large scaled productions to facilitate and implement our scalable system solution and enjoy revenue-sharing business model with major crypto mining and acquisition companies with a focus in mining the most popular cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin). For more information, please visit