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Calvin Cao

Inventor/Scientific Advisor

As the inventor of Tesdison Technology, Mr. Calvin Cao joined Bitech as its Scientific Advisor to assist in the implementation of Tesdison Technology for global commercialization.

He is also the founder of SuperGreen Energy Corp, the technology holding company of Tesdison technology. Calvin is a consummate innovator and inventor, holding 16 patents and patents pending all over the world (4 in the US; 5 in Europe; 1 in China; 1 in Japan; 1 in South Korea and 4 pending). He is the inventor of the world’s first ever Self Charging Renewable Energy Platform that produces 100% clean, renewable and sustainable electricity utilizing innovative and industry-disruptive technologies.

He has founded more than five companies (private and public), spanning from biotech to hi tech sector, leading to several successful exits. Calvin was the founder of CZ Biomed Corp. a privately held Biotechnology Company and Stem Cell Therapy International, a publicly traded company, which later merged with Histostem, holding the largest umbilical cord bank of South Korea.

Mr. Calvin Cao is a graduate of University of South Florida with a BS in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Biomedical Engineering.