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Charlie Rosenberry

VP Sales & Marketing

Mr. Charlie Rosenberry leads our Sales and Marketing department to promote our revolutionary technological solutions to crypto miners.

With his visionary leadership capability in the IT sector, Charlie focuses on building and strengthening business relationships worldwide, working closely with our Chief Scientist to tailor our technology solutions within the crypto mining sector as well as many other industrial applications including data centers, solar power plants and many other renewable energy projects.

With a vast connection in several industries and Fortune 500 companies, Charlie has spent the past 30 years developing his expertise as a polished and forward-thinking business leader with widely diversified experience in value-based sales, enterprise architecture and technology consulting. He has held several senior leadership positions for some of the world’s largest companies, including Siemens, Hewlett-Packard, Tata and Unisys, generating over $1B in revenue in the IT services sector including Cloud Computing and Blockchain solutions.

Charlie lives in the Irving, Texas. He is married with four children and in his leisure time enjoys gourmet cooking and coaching youth sports. Mr. Charlie Roseberry holds a BS from the University of Tennessee.